To All of Whom Supported RTC2019

Thank you for your interest in Rakuten Technology Conference(RTC)2019. I am Ayana, the lead organizer of RTC 2019.

I would like to thank everyone who has been on stage, who visited the conference and the exhibitions, those who exhibited at the conference, all the staff, even those who could not make it to the conference but kept an eye on it, and everyone else who supported us in any way.

More than 3 months have passed since the conference, and since then we have uploaded pictures, graphic recordings, slides, videos and reports from the event. If you haven’t seen them yet, please check them out at:

Through this conference, we tried to introduce you the technology division of Rakuten. This is the final post on this RTC2019 website, as we will stop updates. Thank you for those who were following it.

At RTC2019, we tried to improve our operations to be able to respond to the voices of our guests.

Besides all of these improvements, we tried to create a program that was worth visiting, added booths presented by students at the kids park, educated our staff thoroughly and made countless other small improvements behind the scenes to ensure the success of the event.

In order to ensure that in each area there was a person in charge, we hired “directors” who worked really hard on the preparations.

The directors, who are engineers and project managers of Rakuten, spent a lot of time on the preparations of RTC, while juggling their main tasks. The website, the goodies and the T-shirts are all their creations. Operations were also decided by them. Due to that, certain parts of the event could have been more professional, but it is this passion and creativity that was hopefully felt by all the participants!

Besides, more than 10 offices participated remotely within Japan and overseas. To enable this, we have been sharing best practices and improvements, spent long time planning and problem-solving with the satellite office leaders, which provided a huge stimulus to our work and fostered new connections between the satellite offices.

I am not an engineer myself and I work in HR, but I am deeply moved to be able to have created this event together with many engineers.

I will keep sharing the attractive sides of Rakuten and strive to provide a platform for engineers to connect and grow together. Thank you for your continuous support.

(text by Ayana and Irisz)