Kids Park

Basic PC Ichigo Jam

Universal Robot Lab

Even beginners can easily learn full-scale programming. We are working on the realization of a robot teacher who teaches study in every scene of education. We will exhibit the following three styles of robot teachers at Kids Park.

1. Robot teacher who teaches arithmetic while talking.
2. Robot teacher who teaches English while playingkaruta.
3. Robot teacher who teaches construction work in quiz style.


PLEN Project Company

PLEN:bit is a small humanoid robot with movable arms and legs. Anyone can easily use PLEN:bit through programing and onboard sensors.

The micro:bit is an educational single-board chip made in England, which the PLEN:bit utilizes as its brain. Beginner or advanced, regardless of ability, anyone can freely and easily program the sensors and LEDs in the micro:bit to create your robot’s motions and reactions.

PLEN:bit has a small body only 13cm tall and eight movable joints, allowing a multitude of movement. Even using preset motions such as walking, dancing and waving, you can find many ways to have fun with PLEN:bit.

The micro:bit is equipped with a Makecode accessed from any web browser and is suited for beginners. Using this you can easily program your PLEN:bit.



LOVOT - It does not have life, but it feels so warm. It was born to be loved by you.

At the Kids Park, we provide an opportunity to touch and feel LOVOT’s warmness, softness, cute gestures and lovable character. And we show you the cutting-edge technologies built in LOVOT.

You can hug it! You can call its own name and play with it! And You can feel its LOVE!

Please enjoy the new relationship between human beings and robots which will begin soon in 2019.


Rakuten Institute of Technology(RIT)

EMI is a new robotic platform that combines off the shelf hardware and state of the art algorithms to improve robot cooperation and collaboration with humans.

This project is a collaborative effort between the Power Domain, Intelligence Domain and Reality Domain in RIT.

EMI uses assistive control and human-aware navigation for safe motion in all environments.

EMI uses a wake-word system combined with speech recognition and natural language understand for intuitive control. EMI has a projected face and simulated voice allowing it to give feedback and improve experience.

For this demonstration we will show off the speech command and assistive remote control for navigating EMI through a maze. We believe EMI will help bring robots out of the factories and into our offices and street to work as effective partners.

Japan Education Partnership

St.Mary's International School x Houkago NPO Afterschool x Rakuten Robot Club

Since summer of 2018, Houkago NPO Afterschool and Rakuten, Inc. developed STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) program under supporting program named “Rakuten Social Accelerator.” Through this collaboration, Rakuten Robot Club joined and conducted some robotics workshops for afterschools in local elementary schools operated by Houkago NPO Afterschool.

After successfully completed acceleration period, we are still enhancing this initiative. This spring St. Mary’s International School decided to join, and we held summer workshop to design new program.

St.Mary's Engineering, Design Technology, Robotics and Computer Science students are collaborating with Rakuten members in refining and testing an 'autonomous vehicle' and 'biped' walking robots. Both robot systems use 'scratch' coding and are to be presented in after-school activity sessions at a local elementary school. The intention of this initiative is to provide improved safety for students in their interim transition from school to home. The demands of many modern societies sees both parents engaged in income producing and/or career path opportunities which have influenced the traditional home-life schedule(s) . This NPO community service partnership is intended to assist families needs.

The Rakuten Robot Club is designing and developing an autonomous maze-traversing car using their expertise and new 3D printing machine. Both SMIS students will join with our Rakuten partners to present these activities collaboratively to our government assigned local elementary school students.

Our 'SMiiTY' BiPed walking robots are being 3D printed and assembled @ SMIS by our Engineering & Computer Science students while our Design Technology students will collect and edit footage and sound bytes to produce a promotional video for the NPO program.
Our St.Mary's students will be the instructors during these student lead NPO sessions for the elementary children.