Tatsuya Kinugawa

General Manager of EC Incubation Development, Rakuten

Japanese and English bilingual development department manager of more than 20 start-up to middle size services and platforms.

7 years of product and project management experience in Internet Service Industry.

4 years of organization management experience up to 200 engineers and product managers.

Speaker's Sessions

The Exciting Future and Evolution of EC Services 15:00 - 15:40
What does the future look like for 3 of the leading EC companies in Japan? (FAST RETAILING CO., LTD./ Mercari, Inc./Rakuten, Inc.) We are all offering EC services that continue to transform and grow in this constantly changing environment, although each of these 3 companies employ different business models. If we review each key issue in this space, do we see similarities between the leaders in the EC industry? To explore these topics, we will hold a discussion on how to approach the future and evolution of EC services.

ビジネスモデルは違えど常に変化する環境の中で変革し成長し続けるサービスを提供してきたファストリテイリング、メルカリ、楽天。 ECサービスを提供するリーディングカンパニー3社がお互いの課題を見据えるとEC共通の問題が見えてきた?? 今後の展望からEC全体の発展についてどうアプローチしていくのか語ります。

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