Takahiro Ono

TopGun Security Enginner, Rakuten-CERT

Takahiro Ono is a TopGun Security Engineer at Rakuten-CERT who design and implement Bots for ChatSecOps with python to streamline various type of security operations including Scan, Fraud and Monitoring. He also handles security/fraud incident cases in Rakuten.

Before Rakuten-CERT, he received a Bachelor of Computer Science and joined Rakuten as a Web application developer for advertisement systems. He transferred to Cyber Security Defense Department as Penetration Tester for Rakuten Systems and changed role to Anti-Cyber Crime Specialist who is analyzing company-wide innumerable logs to find tiny evidence of criminals activity on Rakuten services.

Takahiro is also member of IPA Examination Committee since 2015 to contribute and empower IT industry.

Speaker's Sessions

Fight Back Against Endless Phishing and Fake Site 14:40 - 15:20
Fake sites, Phishing Email and Sites are traditional cyber-attacks toward web users, but still one of the most effective ways to steal credentials and financial assets from consumers. Now more Internet services are connected with payment, points, rewards... The more web service is convenient, the easier criminals leverage stolen data to jump to another, and this situation makes the criminals smarter and motivates "develop" their sites rapidly. In this session, we introduce our research of Fake site detection with Machine Learning in collaboration with Prof. Shin, while we share Phishing cases targeting Rakuten and how we handled.

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