Pablo Montalvo

Research Scientist, Rakuten Institute of Technology Paris

I am working in Rakuten Institute of Technology Paris, the research and development section of Rakuten, as a data (research) scientist. My main focus is image-based data such as product images or images submitted by users in various contexts of Rakuten businesses. The end goals are automatic classification, detecting the presence of wanted or unwanted content, and recently how to best process video data using machine learning. I have a PhD in Physics from 2014 and left academia to join Rakuten in early 2018.

Speaker's Sessions

Computer Vision - The Now & The Future 16:00 - 16:40
Computer vision is a relatively young research area with the quest of giving computers the 'sense of vision'. Several current systems surpass human-level performance on specific tasks, such as image classification. In this session researchers from the Rakuten Institute of Technology will present a selection of their current projects, discussing business-related applications in e-commerce, video analysis, and medical imaging. In a follow-up panel discussion we will present several possible outlooks, highlighting both risks and opportunities of this rapidly evolving field.

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