Manvi Kapoor

Software Engineer, Software Services Enablement Department, Rakuten

Manvi is a full stack web developer at Rakuten with an experience in building high performance web apps end to end. She joined Rakuten in 2016 and since then has developed and designed multiple front-end projects with Angular 2+ and Vue.js. She is passionate about developing fast and intuitive front-ends.

Speaker's Sessions

Front-end Innovation : Fast and Curious 14:00 - 14:40
The front-end industry is evolving rapidly. It is a challenge for any curious developer to keep track of new innovation and find the right set of tools and technology to develop an ideal front-end. This panel will discuss about some latest trends, innovations and practices in the front-end industry and how to use to them to develop blazing fast websites at a blazing fast speed. 

The panelists are innovators and influencers in the front-end industry. They have vast experience in the area of front-end development, design and evangelism and come from varied cultural backgrounds.

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