Madan Dabbeeru

Sr. Director, Rakuten Institute of Technology Bengaluru

Dr. Madan is currently the head of our research group RIT Bengaluru, India. His research has been in robotics (configuration-space approach to motion planning), cognitive science (theories of mind), medical imaging (computer-assisted cancer detection), convex optimization and reinforcement learning algorithms coupled with neuro-evolutionary approaches.

Speaker's Sessions

Computer Vision - The Now & The Future 16:00 - 16:40
Computer vision is a relatively young research area with the quest of giving computers the 'sense of vision'. Several current systems surpass human-level performance on specific tasks, such as image classification. In this session researchers from the Rakuten Institute of Technology will present a selection of their current projects, discussing business-related applications in e-commerce, video analysis, and medical imaging. In a follow-up panel discussion we will present several possible outlooks, highlighting both risks and opportunities of this rapidly evolving field.


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