Katsuhiro Uramoto

CEO of China Tech Division, Rakuten

Katsuhiro Uramoto is the CEO of the Rakuten China Tech Division, expanding the Rakuten Group’s globally distributed development efforts.  In addition to this he also holds the posts of Vice Director and Quality Assurance Officer in the Rakuten inc. Tech Division.

His over 26 years of experience in the IT industry also includes working for NTT DATA and the professional services company Accenture.  While at Accenture he held a variety of positions, including the Managing Director and Tokyo Solution Center Lead.

Speaker's Sessions

Managing Highly Distributed Software Projects 15:00 - 15:40
Over the past couple decades, software development efforts have progressively expanded in size. Initially projects were worked on by developers located in a single company headquarters, but this grew to encompass regional offices and eventually globally distributed teams.  On top of this, some projects are now worked on collaboratively through inner-sourcing and even full open-sourcing (with famous examples including the Linux Kernel, Android, Mozilla Firefox and OpenOffice).  Therefore, we would like to host a roundtable discussion to review the state of affairs for highly distributed software projects, the complexities of managing them and the tools that make it all possible.

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