Jozef Tomek

Applications Engineer, Rakuten Payment

I'm a Java developer enjoying working with other friendly people on projects with new and / or interesting technologies. My previous working experiences shaped me to become more of a backend processes / integration guy, but I've also done and enjoyed some web frontend development.

Right after university, I joined company that gave me a chance to participate on quite a few different projects - different in technologies, functionality, architectures and also types of clients. For over 2 years now I'm contributing to the success of Rakuten Pay service making sure it will keep it's position as No.1 smartphone payments application in Japan.

Speaker's Sessions

Rakuten Pay - Mobile Payment Service of Choice 15:40 - 16:20
Rakuten Pay provides many services as a one of the leaders of Mobile Payment. In this session, we will talk about the Mobile App and how we provide support for a wide range of payment sources and converge all payment platforms into one.  Moreover, we will also describe Backend architectures, how it can balance payment speed and security, to provide fast and safe mobile payments for all kind of merchants, such as National Chains.


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