Jinyong Kim

Senior Manager of Global Ad Tech, Rakuten

Started using Java from 1995
Developed Image Search Web Systems 1996,
Master Of Computer Science 1997
Localization Engineer At Microsoft Japan 1998,
World 1st Business Grid Lead Software Engineer - 2002
Front / Backend / Package(AppServer / MiddleWare) / Enterprise Application / Compiler & Runtime / Contributor Of World Tech Standard WS-X / 10 JP Patents, 3 US Patents Inventors / Software Engineering Standard Introduction To Real Engineering Scene

Speaker's Sessions

Better Ads Through Data 14:00 - 14:40
We’ve brought together some of the leaders within Rakuten actively working on the technical challenges in improving the Ads brought to customers online by using advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence.  Discuss with Marketing Experts questions like – ‘What are better Ads?’, ‘What opportunities can we see?’, ‘What challenges do we face?’, while digging into some approaches we have taken.

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