Fernando Paulo

Executive Officer, Ecosystem Service Supervisory Department Vice Director, Rakuten

Fernando Paulo is an Executive Officer at Rakuten.
He currently leads a global organization responsible for Rakuten’s ecosystem technologies such as Rakuten ID, Rakuten Super Point and Payment Gateway.

Before Rakuten, Fernando worked at GREE International as a VP of Engineering. Prior to that, he spent 12 years at Yahoo leading multiple organization and building large scale Internet services.
He holds a BSc in Computing and Information Systems from the University of London and an MBA from MIT.

Speaker's Sessions

Managing Highly Distributed Software Projects 15:00 - 15:40
Over the past couple decades, software development efforts have progressively expanded in size. Initially projects were worked on by developers located in a single company headquarters, but this grew to encompass regional offices and eventually globally distributed teams.  On top of this, some projects are now worked on collaboratively through inner-sourcing and even full open-sourcing (with famous examples including the Linux Kernel, Android, Mozilla Firefox and OpenOffice).  Therefore, we would like to host a roundtable discussion to review the state of affairs for highly distributed software projects, the complexities of managing them and the tools that make it all possible.

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