Fergal Downey

VP Engineering, Rakuten Blockchain Lab

Fergal is an energetic leader with a track record of delivering High Availability, Enterprise, Banking and Payment solutions. He has extensive experience in working in both corporate and start-up environments to build and grow teams and products. He is passionate about continuous improvement and has been recognised for cultivating innovation in a global setting. Fergal is the current Vice President of Engineering in Rakuten Blockchain Lab, and as such is at the forefront of growing Blockchain technology by exploring its application in the Fintech, e-commerce and digital content sectors.

Speaker's Sessions

Blockchain Technology Utilization in Global Rakuten Ecosystem 13:40 - 14:20
Rakuten is working for many projects in blockchain area. We believe that blockchain technology can be used not only for much specific business area but also broader businesses area and foundation of global Rakuten ecosystem. In the end of 2017, Rakuten Energy Trading System was launched as the first case of using blockchain in production. In the middle of 2019, cryptocurrency exchange service Rakuten Wallet was launched. In this session, Rakuten Blockchain Lab team which is the blockchain specialized R&D organization for Rakuten group will introduce our initiatives and technical challenges, also potential opportunities.

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