David Jevans

Chief Executive Officer, CipherTrace

David is a highly experienced executive in the Bitcoin, blockchain, payments, email security, anti-phishing, secure messaging, and Internet security industries. He has a strong background in public and private company management. Deep experience with venture capital funding, technology marketing, IPO, mergers & acquisitions.

Founded and sold 3 internet security companies. Inventor of 17 issued US Patents for security and encryption.

Founder and Chairman of a leading security non-profit, the APWG, who runs e-crime conferences around the world since 2003.

Expert in virtual currencies, Bitcoin and blockchain, financial cryptography, Internet security, payments, encryption, enterprise security, iOS and Android security.

Speaker's Sessions

AI and Machine Learning for Analyzing Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain 14:40 PM - 15:20 PM
Analyzing blockchains and cryptocurrencies is essential for global regulatory compliance, safety and anti-money laundering of these distributed systems.  This talk will discuss how AI and Machine Learning are applicable to blockchain analysis, and how external off-chain data is crucial for meaningful analysis.  There will be discussion of how to manage these huge amounts of data, how to collect and correlate off-chain data from open source (Internet) and closed source data sources.  We will show how this analysis can be delivered as risk scores about cryptocurrency addresses, and searchable intelligence for financial due diligence and investigations.

Speaker's Sessions

Leadership in the age of AI/Data 16:00 - 16:40
Over the past couple decades, software development efforts have progressively expanded in size. Initially projects were worked on by developers located in a single company headquarters, but this grew to encompass regional offices and eventually globally distributed teams.  On top of this, some projects are now worked on collaboratively through inner-sourcing and even full open-sourcing (with famous examples including the Linux Kernel, Android, Mozilla Firefox and OpenOffice).  Therefore, we would like to host a roundtable discussion to review the state of affairs for highly distributed software projects, the complexities of managing them and the tools that make it all possible.


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