GitOps, Jenkins X & Future of CI/CD

11:20 - 12:00

CI/CD process has been something your DevOps engineer purpose-built for your team. But with Kubernetes & cloud-native, that’s becoming “legacy.” The rising level of platform abstraction allows all the good practices that the industry has developed over time to be integrated, hidden, and simplified behind just one practice called “GitOps.” That simplified world is what Jenkins X enables. We will discuss GitOps, Jenkins X, and how that combination drastically simplifies cloud-native web app development. You’ll understand why traditional DevOps is not suitable in a Kubernetes and cloud-native world, explore GitOps principles and discover how they facilitate high-velocity app development. And finally, Kohsuke will make a fool of himself by talking about the future — now that Jenkins X simplifies the CD process, where is the next frontier?

GitOps, Jenkins X & Future of CI/CD from CloudBees, Inc.


Kohsuke Kawaguchi

Chief Scientist, CloudBees

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