RTC2019 Introducing Talk Sessions Pt. 2

This blog features talk sessions about Data / AI.

Fight back against Endless Phishing and Fake site

Never ending battles with fake and fishing sites~

KILHO SHIN - Computer Centre, Gakushuin University
PhD. Processor
speaker info: https://tech.rakuten.co.jp/speakers/kilho-shin/

TopGun Security Engineer
speaker info: https://tech.rakuten.co.jp/speakers/takahiro-ono/

Shin majored in Algebraic geometry in Tokyo University. After graduating, he worked in Company research in Fuji Zerox, and studied on key encryption.
Currently a professor in Hyogo University, his main major is Algebraic geometry, information and security studies.
Ono is an advertising system web application engineer. After working at Rakuten, transferred to Cyber Security Defense Department.
He has achieved as a specialist to prevent cyber-attacks within Rakuten services and currently he is a TopGun security engineer in order to upgrade the security system within Rakuten services.
In this session, he will talk about his studies on how to detect fishing sites using Machine Learning with Rakuten.

Spoofing Email Threat and Countermeasures (Sender Authentication Technologies)

~なりすましメールの脅威とその対処方法 (送信者認証技術)~

KITAGAWA NAOYA - Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Assistant Professor
speaker info: https://tech.rakuten.co.jp/speakers/naoya-kitagawa/

Kitagawa graduated from Nagoya University in 2014 with a PhD in Information Science, and started working as a professor at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in Ocober that year.
He is familiar with e-mail securities and has published articles, thesis, and has participated in how to notice spoofed e-mails through presentations.
Spoofing emails are being exploited as phishing sites and virus entrances, as introduced earlier.
Spoofed e-mails are very hard to distinguish, and there are many damages, such as account hijacking and money requests due to virus infection.
The demand for countermeasures against these threats are increasing so that customers can use the service safely.
In this session, we will talk about the latest status and trends of spoofed emails, and we will also talk about sender authentication technologies DMARC, SPF and DKIM as countermeasures.

Rakuten Pay - Mobile Payment Service of choice

Rakuten Pay – the decisive factor in choosing mobile payments

SHIONO TAKAO - FinTech Group Company, Rakuten, Inc.
Company CTO,
speaker info: https://tech.rakuten.co.jp/speakers/takao-shiono/

ADVAITA PANDYA - Rakuten Payment, Inc.
iOS Developer
speaker info: https://tech.rakuten.co.jp/speakers/advaita-pandya/

JOZEF TOMEK - Rakuten Payment, Inc.
Applications Engineer
speaker info: https://tech.rakuten.co.jp/speakers/jozef-tomek/

Joining Rakuten in 2004, Shino has served as EC Company (Director) and in many services in Rakuten.
Also, he has served as Rakuten China Development Center (Director), and since 2016 has been CTO of FinTech Company.
Advaita has been the Rakuten Pay iOS engineer since the early days of this service. Jozef has participated in the business growth and challenged as a Backend Application engineer, which we are committed to continuing.
The author of this blog is also an engineer of Rakuten Pay!
From Rakuten Payments, Tech Leader Shiono and excellent lead engineers Advaita and Jozef will be on stage.
Rakuten Pay offers many services as one of the leaders in the mobile payment industry in Japan.
In this session, we will talk about the Rakuten Pay mobile app,
Learn how to support various payment tools and integrate all payment platforms into one.
In addition, back-end architecture, payment payment speed and security are balanced, all types of Rakuten PayPay merchants, from huge chain stores such as major convenience stores to local stores, mobile users are fast and secure You will also talk about how to provide payment settlement.

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(Written by:Kana Yamamoto))