Talk session Introduction

Today I will bring you the following speakers. Below is a short introduction of the sessions and the speakers!

GitOps, Jenkins X & the Future of CI/CD

~GitOps、Jenkins X と CI/CDの未来について~

Kohsuke Kawaguchi - Chief Scientist, CloudBees
Speaker information:

This session will be held by Mr. Kohsuke Kawaguchi.
Mr. Kawaguchi has been devoted to improving the productivity of software development for a long time.
You all know Jenkins, right? Yes, the most widely used open source CI/CD software!
Today’s speaker, Mr. Kawaguchi was the mastermind who developed Jenkins!
This time Mr. Kawaguchi will talk about how Jenkins X influenced GitOps and how it has dramatically simplified the cloud native application developments.

Blockchain Technology Utilization in Global Rakuten Ecosystem

Hajime Nishinomiya - Manager, Blockchain Technology Department, Blockchain Business Development Office
Speaker Information:

Fergal Downeyさん - VP, Engineering, Rakuten Blockchain Lab
Speaker Information:

Both Mr. Nishinomiya and Mr. Downey work for Rakuten Blockchain, Mr. Nishinomiya as Blockchain Business Development Office Manager and Mr. Downey as the Vice President of Engineering.
Rakuten is involved in many projects in the field of blockchain.
We believe that blockchain has the potential to go beyond specific business fields, and to be used in various fields and it will be the core of our Rakuten ecosystem, that already enables seamless user experience.
We should keep a close eye on the blockchain technology!
Let’s see some examples of Rakuten services that use the blockchain technology:
・J-Credits trading system [Rakuten Energy Trading System](2017~)
・Cryptocurrency trading service [Rakuten Wallet ] (2019~there are many more.)
In this session, these two blockchain experts will talk about Rakuten’s blockchain strategy, the challenges and the hidden opportunities.

Rakuten Mobile

Tareq Amin さん - Chief Technology Officer, Rakuten Mobile, Inc.

Speaker Information:

Mr. Tareq Amin is currently the Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of Rakuten and the Chief Technology Officer of Rakuten Mobile.
He is supervising the fields of network innovation, development, operation, automization for the new 5G era.
He will talk about Rakuten Mobile, that has attracted huge interest from the industry.

The number of participants for the Tokyo office is above 1500!
And we are still looking for participants!

Rakuten Technology Conference 2019

The 13th annual Rakuten Technology Conference will be back with the theme “Leaders for the Future,” inviting more than 1000 engineers from internal and external. Rakuten tech leaders will organize each session. If you are excited about the latest technology trends and the future, this is a must-attend conference of the year!

The timetable is also announced:
Details will be uploaded soon on our website, stay tuned!!

(Text by Irisz Kovacs)