Rakuten Technology Conference 2019 Staff Report


This is Kenta (@tomkenta), the marketing representative of Rakuten Technology Conference 2019.

Rakuten Technology Conference 2019 – Leaders for the Future was held on November 9, 2019. It was a huge success, with a total of 2300 participants in 10 domestic and overseas destinations

I would like to express my gratitude for all the participants who visited the locations, for the guest speakers, for our sponsors and of course the staff who worked on the operations behind the scenes – a huge shout out to all!

In this blog post I will report about the operations and statistics from Tokyo, Crimson House Headquarters.

The event day was a blast, with more than 1500 participants, speakers and staff gathered in the Crimson House.

More than half of the participants were engineers or students studying to be one, and they enjoyed presentations, debating, networking and exhibitions by Rakuten tech leaders, while getting to know more about Rakuten.

Feedback from the participants

According to a survey we carried out among the participants, more than 80% of them were satisfied with this event.

Let me report on the highlights of this satisfying event from the perspective of the operating staff.


IT media has kindly created an article on the keynote speakers as well as other major sessions from the event. Definitely check it out!

Moreover, some of the presenters allowed us to publish their slides on Slideshare. Videos are under preparation now, to be published on this website later on!

Graphic designs and photos from each session are also available on this site, please check them out!

On the day of the conference

The Kick off - Rakuten Technology Conference 2019

At 9:00 AM, November 9, 2019, more than 150 members of the Rakuten engineer team from all over the world have gathered to make Rakuten Technology Conference 2019, the biggest TECH Community event also the best event around!

Everyone was wearing their unique T-shirts, made for this day. During the morning staff meeting, everyone shouted 「ONE TEAM」to raise their motivation to the maximum.

The reception 10 minutes before start. Of course the guest cards, equipped with the super cool straps in this years theme color are all ready, the staff is in their omotenashi-mind, to maximally satisfy the guests.

10:00 AM, doors open for the Rakuten Technology Conference 2019、many guests started to gather at the reception before the start of the keynotes talks.


At 12:30 PM, we connected all domestic and overseas offices and tuned in for the keynotes.

You can read more about this session in the article below:

楽天テクノロジーコミュニティの魅力が集結 雰囲気は海外のテックイベント「Rakuten Technology Conference 2019」

Following the keynotes, panel discussions, fireside chats (where the audience could directly ask the speakers) and vaious other sessions were simultaneously carried out on 4 stages, in 6 different areas.

9F Cafeteria / Exhibitions / Recruiting Booth

We provided lunch and snacks for those who got hungry during the sessions, at the cafeteria on the 9F.

In the cafeteria on the 9F, there was an exhibition area as well, with booths from meal sponsor companies and their PR materials, Rakuten services and also Rakuten engineer recruiting as well.

There was also a booth, where engineers could consult HR recruiters about carreer prospects at Rakuten.

Kids Park

Visitors kids had a chance to try programming and to play with robots at the Kids Park.

Rakuten Technology & Innovation Awards 2019

In the very end of the conference, the Rakuten Technology & innovation Awards 2019 was given to individuals and organisations who promote social innovation through the use of latest tecnology. The winners were selcted based on the votes of Rakuten employees.

After party

After Rakuten Technology & Innovation Awards and the other sessions were over, an after party was held in the cafeteria. Engineers from all over the world had a great opportunity for networking.

Rakuten Technology Conference 2019 閉幕

In the end of the conference, the staff not forgetting their omotenashi mindset, waved goodbye to the visitors on the 2F.

In closing

What do you think? Did you get a hint of the atmosphere of the event?

Thank you for all of the participants for coming!

Please stay tuned for the technology of Rakuten, Inc. iIn the future as well!

(Text by Kenta, English by Irisz)