Notice on Satellite Offices

This year’s Rakuten Technology Conference, whichattracted more than 2000 visitors last year is going to be organized around the main theme ofLeaders for the future!

But it’s only going to be held in Tokyo anyway...
Tokyo again? That’s too far...
Why won’t the conference come closer to my place?
If any of the above lines have crossed your mind!
We have good news for you!
This yearthe conference will be held inthe following 5 cities besides Tokyo:
Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka

Besides live streaming from the main stage from Tokyo, all satellite offices are offering originalcontents for you to enjoy!!
In fact, it might be more funthan the main stage?!
Free lunch is available at all satellite offices as well!
You canconfirm the schedulefrom the link below and register in advance!^^
※Please note that most programs at the satellite offices are offered in Japanese

■Sapporo@Rakuten Sapporo Branch Office (Max.45people)

■Sendai@Rakuten Sendai Branch Office(Max. 40people)

■Nagoya@Rakuten Nagoya Branch Office (Max. 50people)

■Osaka@Rakuten Osaka Branch Office (Max.90people)

■Fukuoka@Rakuten Fukuoka Branch Office (Max. 90people)

□List of satellite locations

□□Already more than 1000 people signed up for the Tokyo stage!!It’s not too late, register now!
We are preparing satellite programs for overseas branch offices as well. Information will be available on the homepage of the Rakuten Technology Conference, don’t miss it!
Stay tuned!!

(Text by Irisz Kovacs)