Rakuten Hackathon

This year, Rakuten Tech Conference will include a Hackathon led by a small army of Rakuten employees. Newly launched Rakuten RapidAPI platform and its APIs are used to build transformative applications.

Participants will be tasked with solving an issue or innovating a business by using a Rakuten technology or API and combining/integrating it with a non-Rakuten technology or API. Through using the latest API technology, we hope to see the development lifecycle be accelerated for all participants.

About the event

Date: October 20th, 21st, 24th, 26th and 27th 2018

Venue: Rakuten Crimson House 4F and 16F

Theme: Rakuten Tech x Non-Rakuten Tech

Participants: 120-200 participants (4-6+ persons per team)

  • Anyone can join (engineers / designer / marketer)
  • Rakuten employees can join too.

Judging Criteria

  1. 1. Execution of Theme (Rakuten Tech x Non-Rakuten Tech)
  2. 2. Technical Innovation / Technical Difficulty
  3. 3. Creativity / Originality / Wow-factor / Impact
  4. 4. Execution / Completion / Polish
  5. 5. Extra points added by the judge

* Recognizing the philosophy of hackathons Rakuten will not assert rights of outcome by participating teams to the hackathon to be owned by Rakuten. The participating teams will own the Intellectual Property for their own project. However, Rakuten may discuss purchasing IP with teams separately if the outcomes are of business value.

* For the prize winning teams, we will try our best to ensure the prizes are shared amongst the winning team members equally.

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Our Team

Kelvin Kelvin
Yvonne Yvonne
Toshi Toshi
Sahil Sahil
Sasha Sasha
Moto Moto
Emilin Emilin
Caven Caven
Komit Komit
prachi Prachi
Andrei Andrei

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